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THE MAN BEHIND THE BRAND Entrepreneur and self-made makeup artist, Samer Khouzami, felt a deep unknowing passion for art at an early age. Growing up, he had an innate ability to... Read More

Baby Care Products Manufacturer in India – Clarion Cosmetics

Clarion has special expertise in manufacturing personal care products for babies, including gentle shampoos, bath foam, soaps, oils, creams lotions. Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo, Bath Foam, Baby Oil, Nappy... Read More

Skin Care Manufacturer in India | Face Wash Manufacturer – Clarion

We are skin care manufacturers and face wash products based in India. We provide Skin Care Contract manufacturing services to cosmetics brands The Skincare space has a zillion product options…... Read More

Hair Care Shampoo Manufacturers In India – Clarion Cosmetics

Clarion Hair care development, produce a variety of hair care and grooming products. These include shampoos, conditioners, gels and more for both men and women. From products that cleanse... Read More

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers | Hand Wash Manufacturers in India

We produce High-quality Hand hygiene products like Hand Sanitizer, Liquid soap, Hand wash products to export top brands across India, Enquire Now! This made it possible for Clarion to reach... Read More

Nail Care Products manufacturers | Nail Enamel Manufacturers in India

Clarion can produce a range of nail care products and Nail enamel cosmetic products that meet your specifications. enquire us now! Clarion can produce a range of nail care products... Read More

Cosmetic Contract Manufacturers in India – Clarion Cosmetics

We are ready with our state-of-the-art contract manufacturing service with our expert team to offer highly flexible and versatile services, with the promise of on-time delivery. We are ready with our... Read More

Best Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Clarion Cosmetics is a leading private label cosmetics manufacturer in India. We also deal with a small batch of orders for cosmetic brands. Enquire Now! We deliver turnkey solutions from... Read More

Small Batch Product manufacturer in India – Clarion Cosmetics

At Clarion Cosmetics we can provide a range of small batch manufacturing and low volume cosmetics production options for cosmetics and personal care products The footprint of the Clarion Group... Read More

Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturers in India – Clarion Cosmetics

At Clarion, we support you with specialised services such as Kitpacking that can help with marketing promos. Clarion is equipped with the expertise, space and line set up to handle... Read More