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Leading Manufacturer of fungicide

SCCPL has been working as a bridge for about a decade in promoting growth of farmers and crops. We will keep on evolving and will constantly strive for the betterment... Read More

Knapsack sprayers are an agricultural spraying tool that are designed to apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on crops. This will keep the plants protected from insects and other pests. Perfect... Read More

Power reaper available in India

Power reaper is farm machine used to cut and assemble crops when they are ready. It is fuel operated walk behind type reaper with rotating shafts that cut harvests easily.... Read More

Power weeder cultivator is one of the most important agriculture equipment’s, there are used for secondary tillage activities, they are attached with rotating blades below, that are built to cut... Read More

Engine 4 stroke available in India

Perfect house engine is used for various applications such as for irrigation, firefighting, tank filling, emptying the pond, trash transfer etc. It is powered by 4.4kw 4-stroke, air cooled, OHV... Read More

Petrol water pump available in India

Perfect house petrol water pump makes sure that the crops get sufficient water throughout the season especially in dry summers as water is a lifeline in farming. Perfect water pump... Read More

Perfect Petrol Chainsaw is an effective handy tool that are used for people having lawns, gardens or even farms. It is used to effortlessly trim heavy, dense shrubs. It is... Read More

Brush cutter machine is an agriculture tool used for trimming weeds, small trees and other foliage. Perfect brush cutters powered by an advanced 2-stroke, air-cooled heavy duty engine with... Read More

"Knapsack power sprayer is a farm machine that consists of knapsack tank with pressurizing device utilized for spraying pesticides and insecticides, it can also be used for fire control. It... Read More

Portable power sprayer is an agriculture spraying tool used in farm and fields to control pest attack on crops, They are widely used in agriculture fields , horticulture, they can... Read More