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Machine Condition Monitoring is a process of monitoring selected physical parameters associated with machinery operation. The parameters are monitored either periodically or continuously for determining the machine integrity. Machine Condition... Read More

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Weld Studs Fasteners Manufacturers in India

Weld Studs are studs bolts or studs with threads at one end and other non-threaded end for welding purpose. Thread engagement length for welding studs can be determined by the... Read More

Based on the product, the C5 resins segment led the petroleum resin market in 2018 on account of advantages of aliphatic C5 resins such as better glutinosity, good anti-aging properties,... Read More

Internal Tab Washers Manufacturers in India

Internal Tab Washers: Type of lock washers with internal teeth designed to prevent a nut or bolt head from loosening with strut action mechanism. These internal tooth lock washers are... Read More

Music has been a part of human life since times immemorial. It is not just an activity that involves an individual and a set of musical instruments. It is, instead,... Read More

KEPS Nuts Fasteners Manufacturers in India

K Lock Nuts consist of a hex nut with a free spinning external tooth bearing washer that created locking mechanism against the nut surface and the mating surface. K Lock... Read More

ASTM A193 B8M Class 2 Bolts Manufacturers in India

The ASTM A193 specification standard covers threaded fasteners like studs and bolts that have been manufactured from AISI 300 series grade stainless steel. ASTM A193 B8M Bolts are similar to... Read More