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Yumberry Market Analysis, Report and Forecast 2020-2025

Yumberry Market Analysis, Report and Forecast 2020-2025

Submitted by • September 22, 2020

Yumberry is a commercial name for the fruit yangmei, which is native to China and Japan. Yumberry is known by the scientific name of myrica rubra. Yumberry has various names according to the regions in which they are grown such as yamamomo or Japanese bayberry in Japan and red bayberry and waxberry in the rest of the world. Yumberry has a high anti-oxidant activity and high vitamin and mineral content and are an addition to the superfruits category. They are known to have many health benefits such as dispelling summer heats in the bowel and curing stomach aches. Increasing number of scientific research papers are also supporting these health claims. Yumberry is a spherical, reddish-purple colored fruit which has a slight resemblance to raspberries and has a succulent and fleshy inner side. They have a sweet-sour flavor taste like that of a strawberry. As of 2016, almost 90% of the global yumberry produce was grown in China.

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