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Why China’s Harbin Z-19 ‘Black Whirlwind’ Helicopter Is Flawed

Why China’s Harbin Z-19 ‘Black Whirlwind’ Helicopter Is Flawed

Submitted by • April 16, 2020

There’s no doubt about it, China’s military strength is growing. It came a long way from Mao Zedong’s mass murdering death squads, to a now recognized power in Asia. Apart from having a vast number of army personnel, the People’s Liberation Army now boasts naval superiority, with its home-grown warships like aircraft carriers. Up in the air, its J-20 stealth fighter took to the sky, and it was rumored that the PLA was engaged in some form of cyberwarfare. China is now the dragon of Asia, and it wants everyone to know about that. To flaunt its newly found military might, China began stealing someone else’s economic zone to build fake islands. Can you imagine having a fully armed army base right in your own backyard? Philippines and other South East Asian Nation is now feeling the full brunt of China’s bullying, with a questionable Nine Dash Line as its basis. With lesser military strengths, they have no way of stopping the Asian juggernaut, thought it’s worth mentioning that China’s mil

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