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To DO’s and not to DO’s during Hajj Umrah

To DO’s and not to DO’s during Hajj Umrah

Submitted by • November 13, 2020

As sacred places on the earth have some rule and manners to be followed to visit them, similarly most sacred place of the earth Khana Kabbah also have rules and regulations for its visitors. Millions of Muslims visit Kabbah each year and we never have heard of any disputes. All this peace is due to the guidelines provided by our beloved Prophet PBUH. He PBUH has told us the way to perform these sacred activities in a sacred way. The first thing we should alter in our behavior is our lifestyle. Everybody should direct his mind from his daily routine to the routine according to Sunnah. One should not use abusive language and try to behave in his best way with everyone. He should also avoid a quarrel with anyone because it is against the glory of that place. And he should have a pure heart with the passion for doing good deeds. And all these things make an ideal character.

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