Sudarshan Chakra puja for black magic

Sudarshan is the word made from “Su” – Correct and “Darshan” means “Vision” which significances the “Auspicious vision”.Sudarshan is the whirling Wheel which is the powerful weapon of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is prominent god who is the saver of life, protecting the universe.Hindu puranas state that Sudarshan is the supreme weapon toannihilate the negative energies and strongest of enemies.On all the divine weapons sudarshan chakra is the only weapon which is on motion all the time, to destroy the asuras and safeguard innocent people.
Sudarshan chakra puja is the influencial homam for invoking the Lord Vishnu’s blessings.It isbelieved that Sudarshan chakra was presented to God Vishnu by Lord shiva in recognition of his devotion towards him.It is performed for protection from evil forces, troubling enemies , blackmagic and health problems.It is also implemented for removal of all enemies
Things to offer for sudarshan chakrapuja areTulsi leaves, Prasad, incense sticks, flowers, fruits, herbs, Sudarshana Yantra.The auspicious day to perform the sudarshan chakra puja is Ekadashi,Dwadasi and Purnima that falls on the Saturdays and Wednesday’s which is propitious day for Lord Vishnu and also based on the person’s Janma nakshatra.Chanting of sudarshan mantra helps in eliminating the negative energies and create positivity in the life of the person.This puja is recommended for who are suffering from Black magic due to jealous or bad person,who needs protection from evil eyes, misfortunes and who undergoing problems due to enemies.
Benefits of Sudarshan chakra puja
– To overcome from the debt, financial difficulties, and relationship issues.
– Puja enhances the person’s capabilities to overcome karmic effects.
– Helps to get relief from the black magic and evil energies.
– Ensuring the material wealth in abundance.
– Relieves from the unintended worries and sufferings
– To avoid accidents and health problems, unexpected happenings

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