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Paragon Ozone Food Guard

Paragon Ozone Food Guard

Submitted by • December 28, 2018

Food Grains, Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of our diet. Meat is also a vital energy source for a huge part of population. However, harmful bacteria that may be in the soil or water stick with food grains, fruits & vegetables and contaminate them.

We know that food grains, vegetables &fruits are grown by using different kinds of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, bio-organic manures, animal excreta etc. In order to protect them from insects & pests, the farmers use various types of toxic and poisonous pesticides' spray. They do so to increase the yield of their crops. On the other hand, harvesting from the farms, the farmers wash the fruits & vegetables in polluted and contaminated pool or river water. There, the fruits and vegetables catch harmful germs and viruses which couldn't be removed easily by ordinary washing methods. Eating of such contaminated food can lead to food borne diseases as these harmful contents entering our body, induce many diseases as.

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