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Pakiza Lifestyle township in Indore.

Pakiza Lifestyle township in Indore.

Submitted by • September 28, 2020

A home should be one that promises prosperity and joyful living. At Pakiza Lifestyle, you get both in a home that's so beautifully designed that it becomes your status symbol and a factor of envy for others. We've designed Indore's first township that will promote a healthy community living culture. Your status takes off to supreme high here at Pakiza Lifestyle thanks to the stylish and well planned row houses that we offer. These row houses have ample interior spaces, large room with good ventilation, air supply and sunlight to make your life fresh and luxurious.

Pakiza Lifestyle is township that is deemed to delight you with its array of fun and frolic amenities. As we're the first ever community specific township of Indore, we've also planned a prayer hall so that along with all the fun and frolic, you stay close to the creator .The township is a home to 10 gardens that have elegant lighting and landscaping done along with well-paved footpaths to ensure your

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