Nam Son specializes in providing all kinds of laser machines

Nam Son Laser is distributing a wide range of laser machines with a variety of sources including:

– Laser engraving machine includes many different laser sources: Fiber Laser, CO2 Laser, YAG Laser, Ultraviolet Laser (UV Laser), Green Laser (Green Laser) …
– Laser cutting machine: CO2 laser cutting machine, Fiber laser, YAG laser
– Laser welding machine: DADO WELDER, PowerWELD ARM 200, EVO-MOBILE 3-in-1
– GANTRY laser engraving cutting machine: integrated cutting – engraving on the same machine
– Laser cleaning machine
In addition, we also provide 3D printers, laser sources/laser components, accessories and integrated solutions.

All laser machine products that we are currently distributing are imported genuine from famous brands such as: TrUMPF, COHERENT (USA), EPILOG (USA), GCC (TW), SPI (UK) ), especially Nam Son PowerMARK.

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