Mobile Premier League (MPL) – Bonus Codes; Review – PokerGuru

Mobile Premier League (MPL) Poker is one of India’s largest real-money online poker rooms with over 10 Lakh registered users. Redefining skill & creating history since 2019, MPL Poker gained its status as one of India’s largest online poker platforms just two years after its launch.

What sets MPL Poker apart from other poker platforms is the colossal leaderboard that it conducts daily. The platform pioneers some of the biggest leaderboards by offering one of the best-in-industry cash prizes that soar to ₹1.50 Crores in winnings per month. MPL Poker has grown to become one of the country’s largest poker room, hosting more poker games than all other operators. Globally, it is placed well within the top ten online poker rooms.

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