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introduction to social coffee

introduction to social coffee

Submitted by • June 5, 2020

Millions of people go through various kinds of trials and tribulations throughout their lives. Some make it out stronger and succeed while others succumb to the pressure and fail. But those who despite disappointment decide not to stay down but rise again like a phoenix are the ones who need to have their stories told. We give these untold stories a voice that not only motivate but also create a yearning to work harder, to fight, to better ourselves and to move forward.
The conception
In this fast paced world where the focus is on the number of followers, on how much is your net worth and on what you earn, it is vital to draw attention to all the sacrifices, the pain, the struggle it takes to get to that juncture in life. Not everyone has their lives served on a golden platter to them – some have to put in sweat, blood and tears to have even some semblance of success.

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