How to lose 45 pounds without dieting and workouts

I've always been into eating decent food. I've been overweight since I was a child. My favorite place to eat junk food was when I was watching TV after work. My wife didn't really like that, but she never actively complained either. But when I turned 25, my body started to get really bigger, especially my stomach. I didn't even notice how I was really getting bigger and bigger. I looked like a fat pig. At 33, I weighed 125 pounds, which was 46 pounds more than my normal weight.
I found it hard to really believe in it, but then I found out! Andre always ate a lot of young food and a lot of other unhealthy things. But he was always slim and healthy. I searched the internet for information about Matcha Slim and found reviews of reputable German nutritionists who believed that this product represented a breakthrough in the field of nutrition.
After 7 more days, I managed to lose another 8.5 kilos! My fat literally melted in 2.5 months.

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