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How to get an IBM SPSS users email list?

How to get an IBM SPSS users email list?

Submitted by • March 22, 2019

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IBM SPSS is nothing but Statistical Software for Social Sciences (SPSS). SPSS was launched in 1968. Later IBM had acquired SPSS in 2009, after which it turned the product of IBM. IBM SPSS is a tool to analyze and edit all forms of data. Its primary purpose is for statistical analysis in social science.
Who uses IBM SPSS?
• Health Researchers
• Market researchers
• Government
• Survey companies
• Education researchers
• Data Miners
• Marketing organizations and so on.
SPSS comes as a tremendous helping hand when you have to make primary data based analysis. You can easily record your sample responses and use them for analysis. Many researchers prefer IBM SPSS for its user-friendliness and accuracy.
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