How to Block Your Number for Unexpected Call

How to Block Your Number

Everyone has a caller ID , but sometimes you feel bored because of an unexpected phone call gradually. Then we need to make a Blocking system. It’s so easy to block your number to follow a few steps for your Android phone and iPhone.

How to Block Your Number on Android Phone:

If you have an iPhone or Android device, block your number by adjusting one simple setting.

For on iPhone:

Go to “Settings”, tap Phone
Press show “My Caller ID”
Use The Toggle Switch to “Show” or “Hide Your Number”

To return, just follow the same way and use the toggle switch to show your number.
Note: Verizon Wireless does not allow this feature.
To block your number on Android(Others):
Open the “Phone app”, and open the “Menu”
Select “Settings”, then “Call Settings”
Click on “Additional Settings”, then “Caller ID”
Choose “Hide Number” and Your Number will be Hide

To return, just follow the same way and use the toggle switch to show your number.

How to Block a Phone Number:

Nowadays, blocking a phone number is the most important topic for everybody all over the world. So these topics will be helpful for all.

For Samsung Phone From Contact :
Open the “Contacts app”
Locate the contact you intend to block
Tap the “More” menu / “Three dots”, located at the button right corner
Tap the “Block contact” button and top block again to confirm

For Samsung Phone From Apps :
Open the phone apps
Tap the “More” button/ “Three dots” , then tap setting
Now locate and tap the “Block Numbers Button” and choose “Add phone Number”
Once you type the phone number, press the “Plus” button to add the number

First of all you will have to know which number you want to block.

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