Global Intermodal Transport Market – 2019-2026

The global Intermodal Transport market size was valued at USD XX Billion in 2018 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of XX % from forecast period of 2019 to 2026. Development of fast track systems in transportation has ensured the smooth flow of products just in case of intermodal transport. Security is one among the main concerns for shippers when it involves transportation. Many railroads have developed automated gate systems at intermodal ramps. AGS systems include optical character recognition, biometric authentication, and high definition video imaging. Such tools are developed to market efficiency while maintaining safety and security. of these developments are facilitating the expansion of the intermodal transport market size.Further, the FMCG sector prefers those transport services that bring products quickly to the market without incurring high costs. As such, this is often another sector that has inclined toward the adoption of intermodal transport thanks to factors like cost efficiency and eco-friendly transport mode. Increased utilization of intermodal is now a neighborhood of the many organizations supply chain strategies. Kimberly-Clark is one such well-known organization that stresses more on the use of intermodal freight transport in its supply chain. Source: Secondary Databases, Primary Interviews and 99 Report Research AnalysisGlobal Intermodal Transport Industry Dynamics Corporate Shift toward Sustainable Operations Aiding Market Growth: Companies today are more concerned about their sustainability goals. Rapid changes in consumer behavior and increasing environment-consciousness have encouraged corporates to adapt sustainable options and solutions in business operations. This rapidly growing sustainability concept today, not only prevails in production operations but also supply chain operations. Global trade is increasing, and players within the market are focused on reducing their carbon footprints. This has compelled corporates to adopt mor

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