Global Activated Carbon Canisters Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast (2020-2026)

Carbon Canisters are used in automotive vehicles as part of the evaporative emission control system. Carbon canisters are commonly situated at the bottom of the fuel tank to collect the exhaust gases including hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide. Canisters are filled with activated carbon to absorb the gases and purify them for reusing in the combustion process in engines. The carbon canister line is connected to the pressure compensation line above the tank bleeder valve. Factors attributing to activated carbon canisters market growth are increasing emission control programs run by governments in many emerging economies and increasing automotive sector across the globe.

Furthermore, increasing carbon emission owing to rising industrialization and increasing demand for compact engines for smooth performance of the vehicle are the supporting factors expected to boost the market growth during the forecast period. The increasing popularity of electric cars across the globe is the key factor restraining the activated carbon canisters market growth.

Increasing research and development in the field of engine emission control is the factor expected to create new opportunities in the market in near future.

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