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What is a fake bitcoin transaction and how to send fake bitcoin?
A fake bitcoin transaction is simply a BTC transaction on the blockchain network that does not have real market value. However fake bitcoin transactions can be seen on the destination wallet but don't
have a real value. It can be used for pranking, investment sites, casinos, fake trades and more. fake bc transactionsupports over 10 exchanges and can be sent to any bitcoin wallet address. These fake crypto are usually sent using fake bitcoin generator applications. There are tons of many fake bitcoin senders out there and this one has proven to really send fake transactions successfully in real time. A fake bt transaction can be spotted by experience crypto users because most BTC users don't know how to distinguis a fake bitcoin transaction from a real one.
How to make a fake bitcoin wallet screenshot | fake bitcoin flashing tools
You may want to make a fake bitcoin wallet screenshot for various reasons, one of them may just be to create a fake bitcoin wallet balance to prank friends or family to thinking you have some huge BTC funds in your wallet. Another may be to test some crypto applications for glitches and so on.
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A fake bitcoin wallet can be made using the fake bitcoin generator. The wallet is called fake because all the bitcoin that will be displayed in it won't have a market value and therefore can't be swapped on exchanged but can be transferred from one wallet to another only. Buy fake bitcoin transaction sender tool today to start flashing Bitcoin transactions. Download flash bitcoin sender tool and start generating your own bitcoins today.
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This flash bitcoin software is known to be the