ENT Hospital in Chennai-shens hospital

"Our department of ENT has reputed and experienced specialists to offer several advanced procedures like nasal and nasopharyngeal endoscopies, video endoscopy facilities for all types of endoscopic, sinus surgeries micro-laryngeal surgeries, voice-improving phono-surgery for patients who have voice issues and specialised surgeries for sleep disorders that include snoring and sleeping apnoea.
We at Shen Hospitals focus on a multi-disciplinary approach like neurosurgery, speech pathology, allergy, cranio maxillofacial surgery, pulmonology, oncology, immunology, neonatology and paediatrics for management of ear, nose, throat, and neck disorders in babies, children, and adults. For more details visit https://shens.in/our-specialitie/ent/ or call us 9750269815."

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