Chatbot future trends with Conversational UI

Do you remember the time when there was no Graphical User Interface (GUI)? When computers were accessed using a command specific syntax? It was a gloomy time indeed, and seemingly ancient history now! While the introduction of GUI gave us icons to click and got the user to feel more involved, we were still limited by the keyboard and mouse to interact with the computer.

With further developments in the fields of interactive media, we have started engaging computers through means more personal than a keyboard and mouse. Face recognotion, fingerprint scans, retina scans, gestures and voice inputs are a few ways that come to mind immediately. Conversational UI (CUI) is here to take over GUI, to become the future of computer interface. Looking at the speed of AI evolution, the chatbot future trends might get here sooner than we imagine.

In contrast to GUI, the most important thing that powers a CUI is the conversation itself. A CUI lets you interact with the various applications on human terms, essentially just by talking to them. CUI can be classified under 2 main categories –

Chatbots, that allow you to type.
Voice assistants, that allow you to talk.
(Conversational websites are a third kind, that are just emerging.)

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