Carbon Black Content Tester (CBC Tester) Manufacturer

Ideal Lab Engineers is the leading Carbon Black Content Tester (CBC Tester Manufacturer, Supplier from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The ILE carbon black content tester incorporates a variety of functions and novel ideas. The apparatus complies with the most commonly used regional, national, and global standards, such as BIS, ISO, ASTM, and others. The Carbon Black Content Machine measures the amount of carbon black in polyethylene and polypropylene goods. The test is only valid for samples containing free carbon. The content of carbon black in specimens can be measured using standards by comparing the weight of the remaining sample before and after treatment in the device. The ILE Carbon Black Content Apparatus was designed to determine the carbon black content of polymers by ASTM D-1603-14, IS 4984 and IS 2530 standards. The ILE Carbon Black Content Machine is a tube furnace built of mild steel. The low working wattage of the heater ensures that the furnace lasts a long time. It is supplied with an imported programmed P.I.D. controller to control the temperature correctly. The ILE Carbon Black Content Apparatus comes with a nitrogen flow meter and a complete set of glass components. There are also two separate flasks for keeping solid ice, and the primary combustion tube is made of Quartz glass. Quartz glass, as opposed to toughened glass, can withstand far higher temperatures. We offer Carbon Black Content Tester (CBC Tester) to our clients at a lower price.