Best Urologist in Pune, India – Dr. Ketan Vartak, Kidney Specialist, Prostate Surgery, Kidney Stone

Dr Ketan Vartak is working as a senior consultant Urologist in Pune with Pramodini foundation Pune which is a state of art urology facility with a variety of equipment for endourology including flexible ureterorenoscope and cystonephroscope. He is practising for last 21 years in Pune.

Pramodini Urology Foundation is the leading urology care Hospital in Maharashtra.I t has grown leaps and bounds in last 7 to 8 years with overwhelming support from all the Doctors and the general population.

Now we are happy to announce the installation of the first Thulium 120 watt Laser machine in Maharashtra and only the second in India. Thulium Laser is a useful technology for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder cancer, stricture urethra, etc. It resents the prostatic tissue by enucleation as well as evaporation.

Enucleation can resent prostate in to with very minimal bleeding. As normal saline is used for irrigation, there is no risk of the life threatening TURP syndrome. As THULIUM laser can also be used for evaporation of prostate, it is a very useful tool for patients of BPH who are on ecosprin & copidogrel, as there is no risk of bleeding by evaporation technique. Also, there is no sloughing of necrotic tissue as seen in the green light laser.