BA in Fashion Designing in Mumbai

Are you a fashion enthusiast with an unusual urge to create unique, themed outfit designs in your mind whenever you see someone with a bad fashion sense? BA in Fashion Designing from Whistling Woods International is the best choice of fashion design school that you can opt for if you want to turn your designer mind into a profession by learning from the finest faculty in the fashion industry, with the best learning techniques.
You also get timely master classes by an extremely experienced and devoted fashion team who are regularly in touch with the industry designers & specialists. You will learn to create a sense of personal brand with your thinking and design of apparel using Indian textiles with the latest trend.
To Enroll, Contact Us:-
Whistling Woods International
Address:- Film City Complex, Goregaon(East), Mumbai-400065, Maharashtra
Email Id:
Phone Number +91-22-30916070 / 30916175

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