Author: SharpEagle

Sharpeagle Forklift Safety Systems

Sharpeagle Technologies Provides Forklift Safety Systems, Developed And Produced According To The Highest Quality Standards. Forklift Safety System Consists Of : • Consists Of 4 Cameras • MDVR And Complete Wiring Which Helps Operator... Read More

sharpeagle Explosion Proof PTZ Cameras

PTZ or Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras are crucial for drill floor monitoring in drilling, marine industry as well as mining industry where inflammable gas is a source of major hazards. • Cameras... Read More

Explosion proof mini IR camera

Explosion-proof Mini IR Cameras are one of the smallest Ex-rated camera with ATEX certification and approval ratings for Zone 1 and Zone 2 environment. - Made with stainless steel bodies, - cameras... Read More