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Steam Boiler Rental For Indian Industry

Renting a steam boiler helps in reducing the operational costs of an industry. We offer an array of steam boilers on rent to meet varying needs of different industries across... Read More

Mago Thermal offers a complete range of gas fired steam boilers for industries across India. The boilers are built to efficiently use multiple gaseous fuels such as natural gas, refinery... Read More

Air Pollution Control Devices: Bag Filters

Mago Thermal offers quality air pollution control devices such as bag filters to help industries meet air pollution control guidelines. The gas filters are designed according to inlet & outlet... Read More

Mago Thermal offers ethanol production slop fired boilers for distilleries in India. The slop fired boilers are cost-effective solution for ensuring zero effluent discharge from the distillery. Slop fired boilers... Read More

Steam boiler maintenance is important for ensure proper efficiency of the boiler system. Mago Thermal offers steam boiler maintenance services that target at increasing the life of the boiler, preventing... Read More

Mago Thermal offers fuel conversion for steam boilers in India. Fuel conversion helps in achieving cost benefits and multi-fuel operation. We offer tailor-made solutions that follow strict quality assurance guidelines.... Read More