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Investment Advisor Vs Financial Planner

Investment Advisor Vs Financial Planner

Submitted by • June 24, 2016

A few decades ago, there was confusion with what sales and marketing are. People thought they are one and the same. But it is to be understood that sales is just an important ingredient of the functions of marketing. Sales lies in persuading and convincing a person to buy a product that is suitable. Marketing involves all the activities right from the conception of the product, to branding, advertising and retailing. It is an all pervasive function from the product being ready to reach the market and ultimately to being sold to the customer.

Today here prevails a similar confusion with who is an investment advisor and who is the financial planner. It is quite common to find these terms used interchangeably, but it is necessary to understand that an investment advisor and a financial planner have the similar and vast differences as between sales and marketing.

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